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Workshop™ is an iPad application which simplifies the knowledge management of all seminar’s inputs and outputs

* It helps you and your sponsors do the teamlists and manage the assignments for all your groups. *
* Your participants capture their own work by taking pictures of their notes, walls and outputs. *
* All collected data become easy to share during and after the session through the Ipads provided or through other media screens. *
* Finally the application also compiles the final versions of all the produced data into an exhaustive file structure ready for sending. *

Site officiel de l’application

The application

The case

It works on any recent iPad but for those who need to be mobile or want to protect their devices we have build and tested a case. Our Workshop case contains 10 iPads, enough to manage up to 9 groups, 1 Airport Extreme to provide a strong multiple devices wifi network, 1 Airport express to enlarge your wifi network if needed, 1 Apple Tv to display teamlist and synthesis on any screen or video projector, all necessary connectors and a 10 ports iPad charger.