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Chat freely !

You just met people at some place or on a social app? Someone try to pick you up?
Stop giving your phone numbers or Facebook to just anybody.

  • HMU instantly provide you a random & anonymous PIN (ex: HMU-H7V) to chat and keep contact with people you meet.
  • Only the last 20 messages of a conversation are displayed, previous disappear forever from all devices and from our data base.
  • Easily kick bothering contacts, you’ll have a new PIN and they will not be synchronized with. Conversations with them will also disappear forever from all devices and from our data base.
    HMU is the new way to engage with people and keep control of who you talk and what you share. It’s totally on your terms.


  • Know if photos are live or imported
  • Clear all messages in one tap
  • Chat blur upon PIN display
  • Hide messages one by one
  • Retract messages you sent from both devices
  • Photos are visible once and then disappear
  • Chat & photos screenshots alerts
  • Add contacts even without network
  • Share and open link inside the chat
  • Contacts can’t copy/paste your messages
  • No « Read » mention
  • People don’t know when you’re writing
  • No message overview in notifications

And much more coming soon…
Get your first PIN now !